Why Saskatchewan?

Experience waterfowl hunting at its finest in the heart of both the Central and the Mississippi flyways of North America. Silver Creek is located in the legendary and extremely scenic Q'uappelle Valley, 30 minutes north of Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. This picturesque prairie wetland is not only a staging area but also home to thousands of migratory birds during a stopover between their northern breeding grounds and their southern wintering grounds. Southern Saskatchewan's pothole terrain is largely responsible for its flourishing waterfowl population. According to spring 1997 DU surveys, the duck breeding population in the southern part of the province totaled more than 10 million birds. It is no surprise that Saskatchewan alone is estimated to produce over 30% of the continent's ducks and geese. Each fall, as food sources dwindle in the Alaskan and Canadian tundra, millions of ducks and geese begin their southward migration. When they arrive in the prairies, the birds' diet change from berries to rich grain. This feed keeps the birds here, allowing them to refuel before they depart for the lower 48. Because much of the prairie is sparsely populated, hunting pressure here is comparatively light. Thus birds here are less decoy-shy because of limited hunting pressure.

No waterfowl hunt would be complete without a good retriever. Hunters are, of course, welcome to bring their own dogs or use one of our professionally trained Labradors. The plentiful game here makes Saskatchewan waterfowling an incredible experience for beginner and expert gun dogs alike. In fact, at days' end, stories of the hunt will largely be colored by the exuberance of great dog work.


Silver Creek's professional guides seek out prime locations each day to offer the best hunting scenarios. Guides will be present at all times setting up decoys, calling in birds, handling dogs and assisting in bird counts. The Canadian prairie is immense. Birds congregate in different places from year to year, depending on local food and water conditions. We explore new areas prior to each hunt.

Silver Creek Hunt Club

Owns a large portion of prime marshland, a major thoroughfare for migrating birds. Lakes. marshes, potholes serve as breeding and staging habitat for a variety of waterfowl. The hunt typically begins with a morning goose hunt in agricultural fields over decoys in various blinds. The afternoon is usually a mixed-bag duck hunt over large prairie marshes or potholes over decoys. We also attempt to cater to hunters who may prefer to specialize in one particular species.

Types of Ducks and Geese

Migratory birds funnel through Saskatchewan literally by the millions. On typical fall days, one can watch clouds of migratory birds cover the sky. Limits of birds are generous.

Daily Limits in Saskatchewan
Possession Limits
8 (3 may be pintail)
16 (6 may be pintail)
Dark Geese (Canada, Lesser and Greater; White Fronted)
8 (5 may be White Fronted)
16 (10 may be White Fronted)
White Geese (Snow or Ross)
Sandhill Cranes

Pheasant Hunting (More...)

In addition to waterfowl packages, clients can arrange to hunt ring-neck pheasant at Silver Creek's exclusive pheasant ranch. This hunt can be scheduled any half day of your choice. No possession limits apply. There is a nominal per bird cost. No licensing is required.


Many hunters also bring fishing tackle with them. Autumn is beautiful in Saskatchewan. The scenery is spectacular with endless blue skies and golden wheat fields. Fishing is productive for pike, walleye, trout . Exclusive to this area only, lake and marsh fly-fishing for trophy Northern Pike (shark of the marsh). Large pike inhabit nearby spring fed rivers and marshes and will strike at large flies (mouse pattern, bass bug, tarpon fly, etc) stripped across the surface. Also available are big-mouth buffalo fish (carp). Fly-fishing seminars and demonstrations will be offered from time to time.

3 or 5 days waterfowl hunt packages are all inclusive:

  • Lodging (More...)
  • 3 gourmet meals daily
  • Professional guides
  • Trained retrievers
  • Boarding for visiting dogs
  • Bird processing and freezing

Hunting Dates from September - November, 2004

  • 3 days, $1075.00 USD (Licenses not included)
  • 5 days, $1475.00 USD (Licenses not included)


A non-resident game bird license ($116 Canadian), Saskatchewan Wildlife Habitat Certificate ($11), and a migratory game bird permit ($18) required to hunt waterfowl. In all, licensing fees run approximately $100 USD. For your convenience, Silver Creek can purchase licenses for you.


$500 USD per person is required at time of booking. Balance of trip is due upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy

More than 60 days to arrival, written notice is required for full refund. If less than 60 days, your deposit will be applied to a future hunt.


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